In the series that have been around for a long time and that are offered new opus, the Gust studio offers us the Atelier. A series that has more than twenty episodes and is not about to stop there. You should know that the series is a success at each opus in Japan and given the difficulty for us to get some of these titles … Seeing Atelier Ryza in our countries is a chance! 


You should know that Atelier Ryza was announced as the episode that would cut with the series and give a revival to the aging franchise. The downside in all this is that the title does not take advantage of this to offer a French subtitle and therefore forces the player to take the default language: English. But nothing insurmountable! So we find Ryza who will make us live his daily life. Except that here, the girl lives on an island or a rule prevails: do not move away from the village. But Ryza is not here to stay in place. And so with these two friends that she decides to go on an adventure and realize these dreams. Except that here, nothing will happen as planned and she will find herself involved in the history of her island and will have to do everything to save her. Fortunately, during her adventure, she will meet new people directly or indirectly related to our main plot. If told like that, the basic pitch does not give desire, the title will also have trouble putting us in the rhythm with no less than ten hours of games before really seeing the potential of it. The second part of the title on the other hand is ben more gripping with a lot of revelations of all kinds or the uprising of questions never before asked in the series on the ethics of the use of alchemy. For the rest, we are far from true renewal. We must always increase our attachment to the other member of the group to have access to certain scenes of the game and this damage, because this is set up only to increase the lifespan. Those who get into games will love it. The others, however, will not bother to do this for all the characters.


Well now that we have made a history point, let's talk about the heart of the title, alchemy! This mode is mandatory to advance in the story so as much to say that if you do not hang, you will pass your way. As always, you will have recipes that offer various results. You will be able to forge equipment, objects … But for all this, it will require materials. So it's up to you to go on an adventure and search everything under your hand or unravel monsters to recover precious resources. Each material is harvested with the right tool once again, so it's up to you to have this one so as not to find yourself unable to recover it and ask you to make unnecessary returns. The further you go in the story, the more complex your chemistry will be. So it's up to you to take your patience before you can fill in all the boxes during a creation. But apart this point, you will always find pleasure has created new object, discover new recipe, merge …


How can we talk about Atelier Ryza without talking about a real change? The title is part of its turn-based system and finally offers semi-real-time combat much more engaging and tactical. Because if you do not decide quickly to attack, your enemy will not wait for him and will attack you once he reaches the end of the time gauge. So it's up to you to decide quickly and wisely. Battles will also require you to inflate an AP gauge with various classic moves. These will be useful for throwing bigger spells at enemies. Attention only, this gauge is linked to the whole group and not to a character. So it's up to you to choose your actions well once again. Add to that your alchemy in battle and ben other possibilities and you have here a fairly complete and demanding title! Finally, what more can I say? The title is no longer an open world and it's a shame, but given the much finer graphics of Atelier Ryza, we can only understand. The title will frustrate you, delight you and give you everything you ask if you have the patience. But we see the effort made by the studio to offer a breath of fresh air to the series that needed it.


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