Review – Xiaomi Watch S1


We will not lie, all brands are trying to have their watches connected. Xiaomi when they finally arrive with a product that exudes class with materials worthy of the price … The program includes steel for the case, a sapphire crystal and a leather strap. So much to say, the class from the start.

We take the base and go further.

In concrete terms, this Watch S1 takes the base of the Mi Watch, but offers the luxury of materials. We will find the basic sensors such as the heart rate and SpO2, but in a luxury version. As for the screen, we are on Amoled with a permanent display that will pump a little battery. And for the rest we will find : Dual-band GPS, 5 ATM waterproofing, Bluetooth calls, wireless watch, 12 days of autonomy (under certain conditions). And all for a price under 300 euros. What is rather rare in this range knowing that competitors will not hesitate to figure has 100 euros more minimums.

Premium according to Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Watch S1 is and we will not lie, the premium model of the brand’s watches. See, the premium model of the Mi Watch. The difference between the two is that the MI-Watch is full plastic and likes claws… Here, we are on solid. We will certainly find plastic under the watch for example. But the side and the upper part mixes shiny and brushed steel gives a classy side at any time of the day. With its leather strap, we can not deny the desire of the brand to want to compete with the largest by proving that we can be Premium and cheaper. A great argument at Xiaomi. On the dial side, we find a sapphire glass. It is scratch resistant and will protect the 1.43 inch amoled screen. Beware, scratch resistant does not mean resistant to all scratches. As for the wrists, the watch is clearly not designed for thin wrists. With a width of 46 mm, we quickly realize that it will not fit everyone.

A screen with limits…

On the screen side, we won’t lie, the Amoled renders well and the blacks are black. Everything works well and is super responsive in all circumstances. We also find all the classic shortcuts in the usual places. Basically nothing crazy at this level and logical, we will not reinvent the smartwatch. We note however, that the watch is connected in Bluetooth and allows audio calls, etc.. A point that the Mi Watch did not have. The other point is that you will be able to customize your widget and dial from your smartphone with the application of Xiaomi. An application that will be almost mandatory to use the watch. Big drawback when you know that the application does not offer an additional application store. Another negative point, the watch is NFC, but impossible to find out how to connect your bank to it. A shame in 2022 when you know that Fitbit does it since before 2019.

The battery does not last 12 days…

GOOD, in truth it can hold 12 days in certain conditions to know, without the Always one is without the GPS. These two functions will eat up the battery at a crazy rate that will sometimes lead you to not exceed two days of autonomy. Which is not much. But understandable in view of what is required of the watch.

Fortunately, via its induction charger, the watch goes from 0 to 100 in less than 2 hours which is good for the quote.

Finally, we will remember that this watch is finished to a high standard, that its screen pays homage to it, the autonomy is quite good, the speaker for calls is finally available and that the leather strap totally finishes making it premium. BUT we will also note that the NFC is present, but not used


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